Famous Ethiopian Actress Hana and Her Famous Actor Nebyou Indris quarantine game challenge


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It’s common to see people glued to their smart phones on the streets or on public transportation, in their homes and almost everywhere. With the advent of software applications such as Facebook, Twitter and the whole social media, smartphones have become the new man’s best friends. The other things that are much bigger than our mobile phones but that are becoming our new necessity are our laptop. These days, we work, study, watch movies, read books and perform many other activities on our laptops. Hands down, one of the sectors which has benefited greatly from this era of technological advancement is education. Now, with technology taking the experience of education to a higher level, it is very common to see students armed with various gadgets and electronic devices. Nebiyou is a student attending a degree program in architecture at the Unity University Collage. Responding to a question ‘how much do you need your laptop?’ Nebiyou said “way too much.’’ The same is true for his friend Yosef who is a 3rd year civil engineering student. Yosef actually goes to the extent of claiming that there is no life without his Personal Computer (PC). When explaining his dependence on his PC, Nebiyou said: “it’s very hard to make it in this field without a personal laptop because we have designs and related assignments that can only be done on a PC since they need specific software like Photoshop”.


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