Yehabesha Tigray Region President Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael /PhD/ heart touching speech about peac


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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave a brief answer "I said I would come anywhere for the illumination of the Amhara region and say that my goal is to bring people together. .... Addition too many. Not only our nation but also our culture has been eroded. It was denied by the outside. Along with us, we have all been taken by one. It's being done giving one together. We are for the country. All ... up and running ... campaigns. He also caved in to the dark years. You do not know. It's a campaign. You should be able to say this clearly to your fathers. ... And here is the displacement. Coin to corner. The problem is other places. There you go and have to go. It is not recommended to download peace for Tigreans. As you can see, it's peace. why? Here is a young man. Unemployment is many. The poverty is huge. Why? You do not have to be a country again. ...... patience is off. Many things you do not know have weathered and carried. Because of the experience of the political situation, we have been patient. How much sacrifice we will never break in our country. We have to bear the burden of Ehud Shabbod in our own hands. ... It is a Tigray card for everything. Or someone. Looks like a fool. It's just an excuse to say I'm not. To avoid taking offense, everything came to an individual, an organization, a people ... to the people. He's annoying me. fbd I know with sorrow, not just with us, but everywhere else. How can our country become a country of ours in our day? There is no cure. We were silent that we could not fix it. But you are trying to drag us in. There's no such thing as a rifle to spread the rhetoric in the Wolkite state, how do we hear it every now and then ?! Diligence was overflowing. Extorted. Do you show it to the Tigrayan people? We will show you? We did not tell you. If we're going to be in public for a public cause, are we going to talk to anyone who is gang-rap or thug? We're circling around with tools. They came to the crib. We do not care if you come in and do not. Pass. We do not answer in Medina and we do not answer another. Do not confuse the people of the Amhara people. Every day there is a problem with the equipment ... "


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