TechTalk With Solomon S18 Ep10


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TechTalk With Solomon S18 Ep10 - Money Printing Technology. As it turns out, each person gets a new first name and surname (or last name as it is commonly referred) at birth. A child does not take the surname of her father or mother or grandparents for that matter, she gets a brand new surname, a name that is indicative of her tribe. What this really means is that each person gets their own name, nothing that ties them to their parents or siblings. You could be talking to siblings, but you will not know unless they tell you or the look so much alike that you guess. This is of course completely different from how we name children in Ethiopia and I found it to be quite nice. Each child traces their own path and literally makes a name for themselves. How freeing is that? Nonetheless, I made it to Kampala and was in awe of how beautiful it was. While interacting with Ugandans on a lunch break from work, I learned about the naming tradition.


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